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You know, I have to agree.

Greta Gerwig’s Oscar ‘Barbie’ Snub Slammed: “How Is This Even Possible?”

As writer James Hibberd puts it in The Hollywood Reporter:

Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie getting passed over in major categories, while the film and Ryan Gosling received nods, is provoking some strong thoughts:

"'Barbie' didn't direct itself!"

You know, I have to agree.

Here's a fun fact: Gerwig's first three films, Lady Bird, Little Women and Barbie, have all been nominated for Best Picture, which is unprecedented. Yet she's not nominated?

According to Hibberd's article, here's what some Hollywood insiders had to say, and I have to agree with most of them:

“Both Gerwig and Robbie ignored … it’s still so easy for Hollywood to overlook and discount artistic contributions of women — EVEN WHEN IT'S THE POINT OF THE YEAR’S BIGGEST MOVIE! My God. It was nominated for best picture. Didn’t direct itself, friends!”

— MSNBC host Jennifer Palmieri

“The joke I made to my wife walking out of Barbie: ‘Watch Gosling get nominated and Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie get shut out’ … just happened. The Academy needs a REAL man-in-the-mirror moment because the whole idea and premise of Barbie completely flew over their heads.”

— Sports host Joey Wright

“Greta Gerwig’s omission is crazily wrong. Could’ve easily been in place of Scorsese, nominated for a film that isn’t even one of his own ten best.”

— Author Kurt Andersen

“Greta Gerwig snubbed for Best Director? How is this even possible? Margot Robbie not nominated, but Ryan Gosling is? Did anyone even understand the plot of the highest grossing movie of all time?”

— TV host Julie Stewart-Binks

“After Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie made a film about patriarchy that generated a billion dollars for Hollywood, only the man in the film got nominated for a major award and I’m honestly not sure what I expected."

— Columnist Brandon Friedman

James Hibberd also writes:

"For the first time in Academy history, three of the 10 movies nominated for best picture (Anatomy of a Fall, Past Lives and Barbie) were helmed by a woman." And yet ...


"As The Hollywood Reporter‘s executive editor of awards coverage Scott Feinberg noted in his nominations analysis Tuesday morning, the shocking snubs for both Gerwig and Robbie could end up jolting the best picture race by fueling Barbie's prospects in the coveted category."

Small comfort? What do you think?


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Jan 24
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Jan 24
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Ok maybe NOW it’s time for the Academy to allow write-in votes!

Jan 24
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Great idea.


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