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"Suzanne is a dream to work with."

"Her voice is so rich and sweet you could spread it on toast."

"Suzanne’s voiceovers are

intelligent, compelling and artful."

"Suzanne brought a

perfect blend of

compassion and

authority as the

narrator of our

documentary about

survivors of terrorism

in rural Africa."

"Narrator Suzanne Ford's performance, in her compelling, clear, smooth and evocative voice, is no light feat."

“Five stars! Suzanne is professional, prompt, takes excellent direction, has good narrative instincts and a nice sense of linguistic flow.”

"Her beautiful, narrative interpretations of the cosmos are

audience favorites in the Griffith Observatory Planetarium."

"She can be persuasive, powerful, touching, or funny. Whatever is needed, she’s always right on target."

"Ford's ability to bring all this to life is wonderful; it's hard to press the 'pause' button. Dramatic moments are conveyed in a low, sultry, hushed voice that perfectly captures the atmosphere of early Hawaii's environment."

Documentary Film Narration
Young Adult Historical Fiction Audio Book

The True Adventures of Henry Opukahaia, the Hawaiian Boy Who Changed History


Audiobooks narrated by Suzanne Ford

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High on a cliff in 1807 Hawaii, an irrepressibly curious native boy dives into the sea and swims to an American merchant ship anchored offshore, embarking on an extraordinary adventure that will change history.
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"Impactful and truly remarkable, a must-listen audiobook." ~ Pacific Book Review

"Young and old alike will enjoy this story for its pure entertainment value. But they will come away, as well, with the lasting substance of another culture depicted in vivid detail." ~ The Magic Pen


This historical novel for young adults is both a true story and an incredible adventure tale. Critics have called it "A rollicking experience," and "An action-packed historical narrative." 


The book was written by my late mother, Susan C. Riford, who was an author, philanthropist, theatre director,  entrepreneur and passionate proponent of arts education for children. After her death I edited and completed the manuscript and recorded the audio version.


In her memory, all proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to the Susan C. Riford Children's Arts Education Fund.

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"Listen to this book with the lights on. Unless you really want to be scared to death."

                  ~ Hollywood Audiobook Review


"PULLING STRINGS is like nothing else out there: a trippy, surreal story of suspense where no one is safe, and the next twist in the story is nothing you can predict. The hero is tarnished, the villain is despicable, and the action and set pieces in this book are like nothing you've read (or heard) before. Nobody can write a better action scene than Nick DeWolf."         

                                         ~ Slade Grayson

"You could ask, "'Is PULLING STRINGS feminist literature?' I think, if this novel had a body, it would shrug and move on with its life because it just doesn't have time for that question. If you're looking for a story about a strong female lead character, or if you just like the idea of psychics and secret agents duking it out, or you're down with both of those things, I highly recommend PULLING STRINGS."   

                                   ~ Timothy Johnson


Rebecca Colt was different and used her abilities to become the best psychic secret agent in America. She traveled the world, hunted down foreign agents, had wild car chases and adrenaline pumping shootouts. Until one day, in Austin, Texas, when everything went wrong. When a little girl died. When Agent Colt’s life fell apart.

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