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Fran Lebowitz Strikes Again

Have you SEEN "Pretend It's a City" ???

If not, you are so lucky to have it to look forward to. And if you love NYC, you'll be in heaven. This is the new documentary, now on Netflix, directed with amused, admiring, loving care by her old pal Marty Scorsese. And it's glorious.

Now there's one more way to indulge in the bottomless cocktail of words that is Ms. Lebowitz: she's a guest on the acclaimed podcast "Awards Chatter" with the Hollywood Reporter's Scott Feinberg.

And boy, are there some great lines:

"It’s very odd to be my age and have an experience that’s new. It’s nice to have. Most experiences at my age that are new are horrible."


"On my first day of kindergarten I was four years old — I was very eager to go to school — but my first day ended with me sitting in the corner with a Band-Aid pasted over my mouth, holding up a sign saying, 'I am a chatterbox.'"


"She just called me up one day and said, 'I’m Laurie Colwin. I’m an editor at E. P. Dutton. Would you like to write a book?' And I said, 'Not yet. I don’t think I’m ready to write a book.' She said, 'Well, would you like to have lunch?' 'Yes. Yes, I’m always ready to have lunch — even at dinner I’m ready to have lunch.'"

Like I said, glorious.


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