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In the TV trenches: women directors

I've been lucky enough to have worked a lot recently in TV, and I just realized something cool. Guess what? A majority of my directors lately have been women. In fact, three of my last four guest star jobs were directed by women.

And every one of them is among the best in the industry. (Which is obviously a prerequisite, because for every episode, the director's firmly in the hot seat.) Every one of them handles her job with authority, humor, compassion and incredible skill. I'm so proud to have worked with these amazing women. Here are just three of them.

Check it out: Fresh Off the Boat (episode "Rancho Contento" airing 3/15/19 on ABC) directed by Jude Weng:

The Cool Kids (episode "The Cool Kids Un-Retire" airing 3/15 on Fox) directed by Kimberly McCullough:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (episode "PTSDee" available on Amazon) directed by Jamie Babbitt:

Yeah, yeah, there's a loooong way to go before women have achieved equality in the workplace, parity of compensation, equal opportunities and recognition. But these hardworking directors are going the distance to make it happen. They deserve a round of applause.

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