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Favorite theatre adventures

and reviews

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Woven within the brittle fabric of a political family, Now or Later exposes the uncomfortable truths about politics, religion, bigotry, and freedom of expression.

"The play comes alive when Suzanne Ford appears as Jessica, John’s mom. Ms. Ford simply electrifies."

                                                          — Stage & Cinema

"Sublimely produced, directed and acted by a stunningly talented group. A gem not to be missed."                                                                           — Stage Scene LA

Now or Later

"The best performance by an  

     actress I've seen all year."

                    ~ Long Beach Post

As Polly Wyeth in

Other Desert Cities

by John Robin Baitz

directed by caryn desai

with Eileen T’Kaye, Ann Noble

and Nick Hormann (pictured),

and Blake Anthony Edwards

International City Theatre

Long Beach, California

"Suzanne Ford's iron-willed

socialite is superb."

                                                ~ Los Angeles Times


"Ford in particular creates

a stunning portrayal."

                                ~ Orange County Register 

"Suzanne Ford

as Polly Wyeth

dominates the stage

 with her flippant, assertive

embodiment of their privileged

Republican life. Then, turning

on a dime, stops everyone

 cold with her piercing declarations

of harsh reality."

                                                          ~ Broadway World

"Suzanne Ford is marvelous as Polly.

She captivates in every stride."

                                               ~ Life in LA

As Fauna in

Sweet Thursday

adapted by Matt McKenzie

and Robb Derringer

from the John Steinbeck novel

directed by Matt McKenzie

Pacific Resident Theatre

Venice, California

Bamboozling Doc,

played by the superb Joe McGovern

With two lovelies, Lela Loren as Susie and Lisa Cirincione as Mabel.

"Ford is a truly fine actress who breathes

 beautiful life into her character."

                                         ~ Splash Magazine

"A bordello madam with a heart of gold,

 Suzanne Ford's Fauna is vivid and endearing."

                                                      ~ Los Angeles Times

As Frances in


by Allison Moore

directed by Lee Sankowich

with Brendan Bradley, Tim Cummings. Steffany Huckaby, Deb Knox and Joanna Strapp 

Zephyr Theatre

Hollywood, California

"As the battle ax mother, Suzanne Ford hilariously 

 pops pills and wheels around the house in a scooter,

 barking out vehement tirades. She and Cummings

 shine in nonstop moments of wry fun."

                                                                          ~ Backstage

With the fabulous Joanna Strapp

Brilliantly volatile

Tim Cummings

gets his revenge

"I was really blown away by this show. It surprised me all the way through. I was laughing my head off, and then I was totally creeped out (the actors are insanely good, and the mother is a total riot). It's a really impressive production for such an intimate little space. The actors are the standout, though the blood tries its best to upstage them. Go see this. It's not your typical night out at the theater."

                                                   ~ Random audience member

“Suzanne Ford shines as

   the ever-acerbic heiress, Ginger,” 

                                                              ~ LA Times

“The ensemble crackles with witty,

sympathetic performances, especially

Suzanne Ford's graceful turn as

prickly rival Ginger.”

                                                                       ~ LA Weekly

“Suzanne Ford takes heiress-gone-broke Ginger

and gives her warmth, depth and strength.”

                                                               ~ StageSceneLA

“Suzanne Ford’s warm and

witty Ginger faces the real world

with sophisticated aplomb.”   

                                                       ~ Backstage

As Ginger in

Becky's New Car

by Steven Dietz

directed by Michael Rothhaar

Pacific Resident Theatre

Venice, California


Jules Willox, Jon Eric Preston, Joanna Daniels, Nick Rogers,

Suzanne Ford, Chris Shaw and Brad Greenquist

(still miss these guys)

as Lee Green in

The Tale of the Allergist's Wife

Laguna Playhouse

directed by Joel Bishoff

with Randee Heller, Sue Ozeran,

Barry Pearl and Daniel Tatar

The Tale of the

Allergist's Wife

“A human hurricane, Suzanne Ford nicely  blends  intellect, sexiness and egotism.”

                                ~ Orange County Register 

“As the jet-setting Lee,

Ford wittily suggests

a globe-trotting, self-styled

Holly Golightly.”

                                           ~ Los Angeles Times

"Ford is perfect as

the gorgeous, cultured,

name-dropping world traveler

who knows everyone from

Kissinger to Warhol to Princess Di.

Her sly seduction of the long-

married and faithful couple

is a comic highpoint.

Who knew a Chinese dumpling

could double as an aphrodisiac?"

                                                     ~ Backstage

having a ball with

the great Randee Heller

“Suzanne Ford is a

dazzling presence, 

dynamic and charismatic ~

her Lee is

an enticing performance.”

                                                           ~ The View

Spinning a tale for Randee Heller, Sue Ozeran and Barry Pearl. What a cast!

as Eva Broncato in

Lost and Found

by Jon Pollono

directed by John Perrin Flynn

Hollywood, California

"Ford's sensitive and beautifully layered performance builds to a shattering catharsis."

                                                           ~ IN Magazine

"Suzanne Ford is exceptional as the mother who is suddenly confronted with a past she has denied all her life."

                                                                          ~ LA Weekly

As Dr. Rapp, Alice and Mrs. Collins in

Wild Boy

written and directed by Oliver Goldstick

Pacific Resident Theatre

Venice, California

a workshop production (no reviewers allowed)

As Miss Pucker and Mrs. Rowan in

Rachel Ray

adapted from the Anthony Trollope novel

by Henry Ong

Pacific Resident Theatre

Co-Op production (no reviewers allowed)

Terry Davis, S. Ford, Longo Chu, Ann Bronston, Kristin Iazetta, Chris Shaw, Kendra McKay, Dennis Madden,  

Whitney Montgomery, Channing Chase, Lindsey Ginter, Lia Kozatch, Jules Willcox, Michael Redfield

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