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The Adlon Effect

That oasis of television excellence called "Better Things," the FX series created by and starring Pamela Adlon (she originated it with Louis C.K. and is also showrunner) has come to an end. At least for now. It's a tough pill to swallow for the show's army of rabidly enthusiastic and loyal fans, of which I am one.

But—in the words of Hollywood Reporter Chief Television Critic Daniel Fienberg—"It was a thoroughly satisfying conclusion." I concur.

The show is unique, addictive, hilarious, smart, grown up, unpredictable, and at times extremely moving. It sticks with you, not just for a few days or even weeks, but (at least for me) pretty permanently. There are moments from past seasons that still come up for me years later, are still relevant and enlightening.

Its logline, if you're not already aware, is: "Single mom and working actor with no filter, Sam Fox raises her three daughters and cares for her aging mother in Los Angeles." High and low comedy, tragedy, hijinks and weirdness ensue.

If you're a fan like me, and if you've seen the final episode, which aired Monday, you'll enjoy this great podcast interview with Pamela Adlon by the intrepid team of the aforementioned Daniel Fienberg and HR's West Coast TV Critic Lesley Goldberg:

(Warning: there are spoilers.)

If (lucky you) you have yet to watch the series, then save this very entertaining podcast for after you've binged all five seasons.

(Stream it on Hulu) It'll be worth it.

Meanwhile, all I can say to Ms. Adlon after this fabulous roller coaster ride of a show is: many, many thanks for the memories. And I seriously doubt that anything on TV will ever be better than "Better Things."


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