Magnum P.I.

Charming femme fatale Betty very nearly gets away ...

with murder.  

The Cool Kids

As rich, imperious Edie with Martin Mull, Vicki Lawrence,

David Alan Grier and Leslie Jordan  

Grey's Anatomy

A brave mother finally loses control when faced with her beloved son's death. 

(Emotional extreme at end of clip.)

Fresh Off the Boat

Vibrant retiree shows Constance Wu

and Randall Park how it's done

Criminal Minds

Haunted psychiatrist commits shocking act of violence.

(Scenes with Thomas Gibson.)


Edgy thriller (Feature) 

Loving mother rejoices when the daughter she thought was dead comes home, but her joy is short lived.

A Date to Die For

Dr. Anne Garner, a tough but compassionate psychiatrist, meets and questions an accused murderer

Upper class, educated, sexually liberated society wife makes unabashed admission of adultery. Scene with David Boreanaz.

The Informers

Privileged 80s mother tearfully eulogizes her son in crowded Beverly Hills ballroom. (Directed by Gregor Jordan, with  Kim Basinger, Billy Bob Thornton, Brad Renfroe.)

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Season 12, Episode 7: "PTSDee"

Skeptical cougar appraises potential

male strippers Charlie Day and Glenn Howerton

Grace and Frankie

Season 2, Episode 5: "The Test" 

Laughing it up with Jane Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Swoozie Kurtz & Marsha Mason

Swedish Dicks

As the eccentric Gerty in the hit comedy series about the misadventures

of two unlicensed private detectives in L.A.

~ from Swedish geniuses Peter Storemare, Johan Glans and Peter Settman

Manson Family Vacation
Brothers played by Jay Duplass and Linus Phillips talk their way into Janice's home ~ where the LaBianca murders occurred. "A highly comical, nail-biting sequence..." ~ Hollywood Reporter

Anger Management

Ed's easygoing new girfriend is bemused by shenanigans.

(Scenes with Ed Corbin & regulars.)

By Appointment Only 

Ditzy, nosy neighbor gossips, meets murderer, gets whacked.

(Thriller. Scenes with Ally Walker & Currie Graham)

Of Silence

Loving, worried mother tries to break through to grieving son.

(horror feature with Jeremiah Sayys)


Yearning older woman meets young soldier going off to Iraq.

(Directed by Gavin Heffernan.)

Darkening Sky

Smart, caring, wary psychiatrist dealing with potentially violent psychopath.

(Scenes with Rider Strong.)

For the People

Wealthy, eloquent, corrupt trophy wife.

(Scene with Lea Thompson.)

The Middle

Officious, know-it-all teacher.

(Scenes with Whoopie Goldberg.)

How I Met Your Mother

Robin's friend and her dog's veterinarian offers advice.

(Scene with Colby Smulders.)

That 70s Show

Carefree, sexy Mrs. Robinson has an affair with Fez.

(Scenes with all series regulars)

Uncross the Stars

Glamorous, overdramatic, caustic social climber.

(Romantic comedy feature. Scenes with Barbara Hershey.)


Chic producer with the hots for Joey.

(Scene with Jeff Goldblum and Matt LeBlanc.)

Vengeance Unlimited

Virtuous, wronged wife is betrayed, unhinged and driven to murder by her philandering husband.

The Frank & Judy Show

Glamorous, overdramatic, caustic agent/stage mother.

(Scene with sex-crazed puppet.)

Las Vegas

Ditzy cougar on the make.

(Scenes with Josh Duhamel, Nikki Cox and Steve Tom.)

Paul Cruz, Latin Actor

Raunchy, caustic Hollywood casting director.

(All-improvised mockumentary.)