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NOW OR LATER Coming Soon!

It's SO good to be rehearsing on a stage again.

Back in the early spring of 2020, the last time I was in rehearsal for a full production ... well, we all know what happened. (Talk about creatus interruptus.)

And this play is a doozie of a play to come back with. Now or Later is acerbic, funny, frightening and oh so relevant. Inside politics has rarely been so entertaining. Plus, my role is fabulous. Who wouldn't want to play a smart, savvy, passionate, desperate woman who — if she can save the day — will become First Lady of the United States?

Our director is the superb Ann Bronston.

And the rest of the cast is dazzling: Jack McKeever, Samuel Garnett, Brendan Farrell, Cherish Monique Duke, and George Kappaz.

It's part of the Hollywood Fringe! So act quickly because it's a limited run (only two weekends), and you won't want to miss it.

We open June 15th at 7pm at The Matrix Theatre (where the esteemed Rogue Machine Theatre Company is in residence).

Join us! Tickets, dates, and all details are at

See you at the theatre.


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