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Only Four More Days!

Now here’s a rare opportunity ~ to be swept away for 35 minutes by that tsunami of an actor who is Andrew Scott

… in the brilliant play Seawall by Simon Stephens, which has been a hit wherever it's been performed, from the Bush Theatre to Edinburgh to The Old Vic to Broadway, and you can watch it on You Tube FREE until May 25th with its original star, the aforementioned and truly staggering Andrew Scott. (Sherlock, Fleabag, etc. etc.) This is the first time this performance has been made available to stream free to a global audience.

I’m telling you, Do Not Miss It – especially if you’re an actor or playwright. But everyone with a heart and brain will fall under its spell.

Reviewer Peter Crawley wrote in The Irish Times, “He seduces you. He disarms you. He burrows deep into your mind. He destroys you.”

And eminent theatre critic Lyn Gardner said of the play: “You will remember it for the rest of your life.”

Another nice thing? It’s followed by a great Q&A with Scott and Stephens from the stage of the Old Vic.

You’re welcome.

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