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A Night of Splendor: the 2019 Costume Guild Awards

This year's Costume Guild Awards ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel last night, and boy, was it gorgeous.

Here's a list of all the winners, every one of whom created stunningly evocative contributions to last year's biggest hits of film and television.

From the chic, kitschy styles of 1950s New York for

The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel (Donna Zakowska, Costume Designer):

to the magnificent opulence ofThe Favourite (Sandy Powell, Costume Designer):

to the outrageous glamor of Ru Paul's Drag Race (Zaldy Goco, Costume Designer):

It was a splendiferous evening, capped by the presentation of the Spotlight Award to the inimitable Glenn Close:

From the Costume Guild Awards program:

"Glenn Close is a costume conspirator of the first order. In 2017, the celebrated actress donated her costume collection to the Indiana University School of Art, Architecture + Design. The 766 pieces were gathered from some of her most notable performances: Dangerous Liaisons (CD James Acheson), Fatal Attraction (CD Ellen Mirojnick), and 101 Dalmatians (CD Anthony Powell). Close says,

My costume collection has been a treasured possession. It represents not only the characters I have played in the last 35 years, but also the thousands of hours spent in fitting rooms, collaborating with brilliant Costume Designers and builders. These garments represent a process that is at the very core of my craft. I treasure each costume because it was conceived and built by some of the very best in the business, and each piece has added, immeasurably, to my understanding of the characters I have inhabited.

For this vitality and passion which she brings to every role, the Costume Designers Guild honors Close with the 2019 Spotlight Award.

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