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The truth about pay inequality

In Variety this week Senior TV Reporter Daniel Holloway writes a clear, comprehensive and illuminating article on one of the most contentious topics in Hollywood today: pay inequality.

The paragraph that really stood out at first glance (and made me want to read the entire piece) was this one:

“I found out that as a series regular I was making just a smidge over what a white man was making as a GUEST star,” (Yvette Nicole) Brown wrote, sharing a disturbing discovery she made at one point in her career. “Dude was just visiting.”

We all know it's true. And it sucks. Yeah, it's gratifying that there are signs of change. They can't be fast or complete enough to make up for decades of women and minorities being ripped off. But at least it's happening ... because now, finally, people are actually talking about it.

Obviously, Hollywood is far from being the only place where this inequality prevails. It is one of the most visible, however. If we lead the way, maybe the rest of the working world will eventually follow. We can hope.

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