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What it's like to be on 'Swedish Dicks'

A crazy new series called Swedish Dicks premieres TODAY on PopTV. It's not porn! It's a half hour comedy about two unlicensed Swedish private investigators trying to make a living in Los Angeles. Its two stars are movie actor Peter Stormare (Constantine, Fargo) and popular Swedish stand-up comedian Johan Glans.

Stephanie Koenig as Eve, Suzanne Ford as Gerty, Johan Glans as Axel, Director Peter Settman

Stormare plays Ingmar Andersson, a down-on-his-luck private investigator and former stuntman forced to leave the film business after an unfortunate on-set accident. Based in a seedy LA neighborhood, Ingmar works alone — until he partners with Axel (Glans) a fellow Swedish ex-pat and moderately successful DJ who decides he needs a lifestyle change. This spurs Ingmar to alter the cheap stick-on stenciling on his office door from "Swedish Dick" to "Swedish Dicks."

Peter Stormare as P.I. Ingmar

Joining the bumbling pair in their adventures are Sun (the hilarious Vivian Bang), Ingmar’s office mate who may or may not be from North Korea; Ingmar’s daughter, Sarah (the feisty, lovely Felicia Cooper), a high-powered lawyer with daddy issues; and abrasive Jane McKinney (the inimitable Traci Lords), the self-professed best private investigator in LA. There’s also occasional guest star Keanu Reeves — making several extremely rare TV appearances as Ingmar’s tragic best friend, fellow stuntman Tex “Crazy Man” Johnson.

And me! I joined the series in its second season (just now shooting our 10th episode) in a recurring role that may be the most fun I've had yet on TV. I play Gerty, the certifiably insane, often inappropriately risqué but lovable mother of Axel's new love interest, Eve, played by gorgeous rising TV star Stephanie Koenig.

On set as Gerty

Stormare describes the series as "Twin Peaks meets Monty Python," which is pretty accurate.

And talk about having fun on a shoot. The crew is a United Nations mixture of Swedish, Greek, Latino, and a couple of Baltic and other European nationalities thrown in. The Swedish director, Peter Settman, is a comic genius, in my humble opinion. Along with keeping all his plates gracefully in the air on set, he also cares deeply about making sure his entire cast and crew are comfortable, happy and collaborative. I LOVE working with him.

Peter Stormare as Ingmar and Keanu Reeves as Tex

Swedish Dicks is distributed by Lionsgate and produced by Brain Academy. PopTV can be found on your TV dial (check your local listings or go to the PopTV website). And get ready for a very fun ride.

Oh... and Stormare also says, " "This might be the first time in my career that I can watch myself without throwing up." A ringing endorsement indeed.

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