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There's no such thing as too much Sam Waterston

Having been addicted to and entertained by "Law & Order" for the past two and a half decades, I'm a Sam Waterston mega fan. The guy is one of the best actors on the planet, because you simply believe. every. word. he. says.

But have you seen him lately? I had the good fortune to book a role on "Grace and Frankie" last season and met him in his latest incarnation, the role of Sol, Lily Tomlin's ex-husband. If you've watched the show, you'll know that Waterston's Sol is the polar opposite of District Attorney Jack McCoy. And he's having so much fun! He and Martin Sheen as a recently married couple are like a gay Laurel and Hardy, and the plot line taking them into auditions for a community theatre production of "1776" provides for one hilarious situation and punch line after another. I can just imagine the writers room when they came up with that idea. (Congratulations.)

If there's another actor working today who so embodies pure love of the work, dedication to excellence and the ability to bring a character so vividly to life, I don't know who it is. Thank you, Mr. Waterston, for the gift that keeps on giving.

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