TWO HENRYS: Birthing a Lovely New Play

This week I'm opening in a great new play by Kenneth Jones, and the process really could not be more exciting. Every day of rehearsal brings new revelations, stimulating ideas, unique challenges, deeper understanding. And -- because the cast, director, playwright and producers are such gifted, fun people -- plenty of laughs, onstage and off.

Bringing to life a new work of theatrical art is not easy, mind you, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I feel very lucky to be creating the character of Constance. She's a blast: salty, powerful. Hiding a dark secret. There's an abundance of drama, comedy, surprise and suspense contained in this 90-minute gem. Come see for yourself if you can -- only three short weekends of this workshop production at the venerable Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice!

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