Love the Movies? Please Read This.

"The Race to Save the Films We Love" is a fascinating article by Manohla Dargis about the current state of film preservation that recently appeared in The New York Times.

A still from the restored version of Lewis Milestone’s 1931 “The Front Page.”

[Credit Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences]

We really need to care about this -- it's a legacy that desperately needs protecting, and especially those of us in the 'business of show' should do everything we can to help. With that in mind, I looked up a few organizations in the midst of the battle, and wanted to pass along their names and links. Let's pull together and save this amazing heritage, K?

Just click on any one of them and donate a few bucks. We can do it!

1. National Film Preservation Foundation

2. Women's Film Preservation Fund

3. National Film Preservation Board (Library of Congress)

4. The Film Foundation (created by Martin Scorsese)

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