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The most fun I ever got paid for

So shooting this latest episode (205) of "Grace & Frankie" with the inimitable Lily Tomlin and the gracious and graceful Jane Fonda was a laugh riot. First of all, Ms. Tomlin is the funniest person alive, I'm convinced, and I'm not alone. I've never heard a crew on any set crack up so much. This was somewhat to be expected, of course. Then, if you've seen the show, you already know that Jane Fonda is also hilarious. Along with being the consummate pro, she has more energy and endurance than any other three people combined. Then there was our director, who Jane calls "comedy royalty," the great Andy Ackerman. Calm, kind, inventive. And fast~an invaluable attribute in this world of early days, late nights and superhuman exploits of the heroic crew, who obviously enjoyed working with him. But wait! There's more: my fellow guest stars were two of the most marvelous women I've ever worked with (can't reveal who they are until the new season is released in the spring) and are both comic geniuses. The writer of this episode, the witty mastermind John Hoffman, gave us all superb roles that were great fun to play. So truly, this was a dream job and I'm almost ashamed to have taken money for it. Almost.

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