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New play "Will" in pre-production

Two years ago I happened upon a wonderful new play by writer Bruce Glassman, called "Will." It's the story of a famous painter whose family must confront his struggle with Alzheimer's Disease, along with making crucial decisions about preserving (or exploiting?) his legacy. When people ask about the tone of the play, I usually say something like, "It's 'Other Desert Cities' meets 'Art,'" which basically means it's a smart, witty, poignant family drama that happens to revolve around the significance of great art in our lives, as well as its commercial and financial repercussions.

"Will" is having its first workshop production in September at Pacific Resident Theatre, which has been my theatrical home for many years. The fine cast that director Michael Rothhaar has assembled includes Matt McKenzie as artist Arthur Lumens, Will Rothhaar and Michael Hanson sharing the role of son Michael, Lisa Cirincione as daughter Maya, Lindsey Ginter as family friend Stan, and Sarah Brooke as art agent Amanda. I play Arthur's wife, Sophie. Our producers are Terry Davis and Lesley Williams, our set and lighting designer is Norman Scott, and our Production Stage Manager is Haven Hartman. The first read through of the play is scheduled for August 1st and I'm just thrilled to be starting what I know will be an exciting, fulfilling creative process with such a wonderful cast and crew.

Stay tuned for more news as it develops!

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