Need a fabulous escape from the dismal inanity of current events? This'll do it.

Fire up the time machine to August 27, 1953, sixty-six years ago yesterday. Eisenhower was President. The number one song on the radio was "Ebb Tide" by Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra. Dr. Alfred Kinsey was on the cover of Time Magazine. And "Roman Holiday" premiered at Radio City Music Hall, starring the young Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck and Eddie Albert. The film was universally adored. As Pauline Kael wrote, “This is the picture that made Audrey Hepburn a movie star. Wyler’s calm, elegant style prepares the scenes and builds the character until she has the audience in thrall, and when she smiles we’re all goners.” The New York Times said it was "a bittersweet legend with laughs that l

How important are great new plays? Get this: they might save civilization.

"Amid the ongoing culture wars between urban-elite and blue-collar sensibilities, Melocchi’s period play slyly reminds us the division can be bridged by our fundamental human need to create." That's a quote from the LA Times rave review - one of many rave reviews - for "Andy Warhol's Tomato," Vince Melocchi's engrossing new play now running at Pacific Resident Theatre in Venice. Here are a few more: "Dana Jackson’s sure-handed direction draws terrific work from her cast." ~ Stage Raw “Not-to-be-missed. This is a play which exquisitely traces the steps…to an understanding about creativity and life in general.” ~ SplashMags "Two well-written, well-directed, well-acted characters that keep you

It's about freaking time: Casting Directors get BAFTA award category, making the British Academy

It's a crime that it hasn't happened sooner. Just how vital is a good casting director to any project? So vital you simply can't measure it. And it takes a special, very particular skillset to make a good CD: 1) encyclopedic knowledge and memory of the available casting pool -- which, in Los Angeles, amounts to hundreds of thousands of actors, with the landscape changing every day, 2) the ability to interpret an unrealized script in terms of what specific human qualities will bring it alive, 3) the advanced communication skills it takes to translate among the specialized vocabularies and priorities of producer, director, agent and actor, 4) a hardwired sixth sense for when an actor is right

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