The top 12 best lines (so far) from "Feud"

I'm bingeing 'Feud' and boy, it's tough! Because I want it to last forever. Which is why I've made it only through the second episode... it's just too delicious not to savor as long as possible. Of course, first of all, the performances are spectacular and the direction superb, but oh, darling, the writing ~ by Ryan Murphy, Jaffe Cohen, Michael Zam, Tim Minear and Gina Welch ~ is simply unsurpassed. Here are my top 12 favorite lines so far (could not cut it down to 10 or even 11, hard as I tried), uttered by the peerless actors who bring these characters so beautifully to life: Jessica Lange's imperious Joan Crawford, Susan Sarandon's fiery Bette Davis, Alfred Molina's long suffering Bob Ald

Suzanne Ford "Comedy Bytes" Trailer

I thought it would be fun to put together a very short (45 second) "trailer" of some of the best comedy moments from recent favorite TV and film gigs. Along with the laughs, it also makes you realize how good today's storytellers are. From "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" to "Grace and Frankie" to "Manson Family Vacation" to ""The Middle" to "How I Met Your Mother," there's a ton of writing and directing talent on display. It's been an ongoing delight to work with these people. Enjoy! Note: not all of this is suitable for children.

There's no such thing as too much Sam Waterston

Having been addicted to and entertained by "Law & Order" for the past two and a half decades, I'm a Sam Waterston mega fan. The guy is one of the best actors on the planet, because you simply believe. every. word. he. says. But have you seen him lately? I had the good fortune to book a role on "Grace and Frankie" last season and met him in his latest incarnation, the role of Sol, Lily Tomlin's ex-husband. If you've watched the show, you'll know that Waterston's Sol is the polar opposite of District Attorney Jack McCoy. And he's having so much fun! He and Martin Sheen as a recently married couple are like a gay Laurel and Hardy, and the plot line taking them into auditions for a community the

We're All Alison Wright

I know you've done it; I do it all the time. Watch an actor on television or in film and say, "That woman or guy is always superb, in dozens of different roles. Always truthful, vulnerable, real. I always especially relate to his or her character." Alison Wright is one of those actors. They used to be called character actors, because they weren't vapid, one-note leading men or ingenues. Now they're just called good. I first got to know her work in "The Americans" but, as is so common in this Platinum Age of TV, then came across her in totally different incarnations. Ms. Wright has done a bevy of disparate, unique, challenging roles, and always with great style. She's always pure fun to watch

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