Love the Movies? Please Read This.

"The Race to Save the Films We Love" is a fascinating article by Manohla Dargis about the current state of film preservation that recently appeared in The New York Times. A still from the restored version of Lewis Milestone’s 1931 “The Front Page.” [Credit Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences] We really need to care about this -- it's a legacy that desperately needs protecting, and especially those of us in the 'business of show' should do everything we can to help. With that in mind, I looked up a few organizations in the midst of the battle, and wanted to pass along their names and links. Let's pull together and save this amazing heritage, K? Just click on any one of them and donate

Oh joy, a New PBS Obsession: Victoria

I'm so ready for this. In the sacred time slot of "Downton Abbey" on PBS, with a starry cast led by Jenna Coleman and some great advance press, it promises a lot. So I'm crossing my fingers for this one. Here's a teaser trailer and some tantalizing clips: Plus a nicely thorough article from Deadline Hollywood. It's coming stateside in January. Long live the queen!

Some Things You've Always Wanted to Ask Mark Rylance

I was lucky enough to see Mark Rylance as Olivia in "Twelfth Night" when it came to Los Angeles a few years ago. He was pure joy to watch, and I've never forgotten his performance. Here's a wonderful clip: So it was a thrill to come across this article by theatre critic Ben Brantley in the NY Times. Here are some highlights. Brantley on Rylance's performance as Olivia: "(His Olivia) is, hands down, my favorite of all the Shakespeare performances I’ve had the chance to review. I have met her three times, once at the Globe in London in 2002, and then twice when she came to the Belasco Theater on Broadway, and on each occasion she left me in a state of contented tears." And on what Rylance brou

Celebrating Caine

Does anyone not love watching Michael Caine? His performances are always completely truthful. Often hilarious. And sometimes so moving you're haunted by them for hours and days afterward. I felt this way after seeing the movie "Youth." I recently revisited his wonderful series now on You Tube called "Acting in Film." A treasure trove of invaluable advice and guidance for any actor, at any stage of a career. Then I discovered this video, narrated by Caine himself, called "Breaking the Mold." Wonderfully entertaining, not just for actors but for everyone who loves great performances. Enjoy!

Women in show biz: a tipping point?

"You've come a long way, baby." I used to believe this. Back in the 70s when we got our very own cigarette, Virginia Slims! When Gloria Steinem wouldn't take any crap (she still won't). When we could wear pants anywhere we wanted. "Finally!" I thought. "Women are becoming equal in every way." Haaaaaa. SO naive. Today women are still paid less, still discriminated against, still undervalued. Here are some quick facts [source: The American Association of University Women]: The pay gap has barely budged in a decade. At the current rate, the gap won’t close for more than 100 years. The gender pay gap is worse for mothers, and it only grows with age. Women in every state experience the pay gap, b

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