Did this really happen? IASIP

I just shot an episode of the crazy and infamously irreverent show, "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." OMG, are these people funny. And brilliantly talented. Suffice to say, without giving away the bizarre and hilarious plot of the episode (which won't air until next YEAR, I'm sorry to say - the new season premieres in January 2017) it was a fabulously insane time. Long live IASIP, and its creators and stars, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day. And huge kudos to this episode's director Jamie Babbit, who pushes the envelope with panache. Here I am as a cougar named Cynthia. No further plot details to be revealed, on pain of death :) It's worth waiting for!

Jane, Lily, Swoozie, Marsha and Me

As Lily Tomlin's character Frankie would say, "Ta. Da." On Friday, May 6th, Netflix released the second season of "Grace and Frankie." If you're a fan of this series (as I was even before I became a part of it) you'll really love what happens this season - it's even funnier, if that's possible, and both more shocking and more moving than ever. I'm in Episode 5, and it's a doozy. What I remember best about the shoot is that the crew--hardened as they are by years of experience shooting, collectively, millions of hours of film and television--simply could not help cracking up at Lily Tomlin, and spontaneously applauding Jane Fonda's dramatic exit from the country club. What a great couple of f

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